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Are you searching for a Traineeship or Apprenticeship? Maybe you're just looking for that bit of guidance to find your dream job before you apply. Whatever it is, we'll have it here.

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For the employer

At CATS we believe you get back what you put in. That's why Apprenticeships are a great way of making the most of your employees. We also deliver other courses and services that are workable to your needs and schedules.

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For the curious

Are you unsure what you're entitled to or what it will cost? Thinking about an Apprenticeship but worrying about your age or understanding? Well worry not, because we have the answers you need to begin your journey.

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Taking part in an apprenticeship or traineeship is free for most people, and that includes employers. Don't waste time, get yourself and your employees to the top of your game by making sure they're effective, trained and competent by utilising the right qualifications.

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It matters to us

We're a committed company and are working together with other organisations to ensure that we only deliver the highest standard of training for you or your employees, wether it's an apprenticeship, traineeship or standalone qualification.

Having strong social roots is important to us, giving back is what we're about and that's why we also contribute to social causes and the community.

We are a proud Award-Winning company because of our proven commitment to thousands of students throughout the UK

Here's what people are saying about us.


Business Admin - Level 2

The support and encouragement I received surpassed my expectations. This was so far from what I believed I could ever achieve


Management - Level 5

can only say a huge "Thank You" to my Assessor who believed in me and my abilities! I now have the job of my dreams as a result of my learning and achievements with CATS.


Team Leading - Level 2

Based on my personal experience, my advice to anyone, including employers, if you want the best results, use CATS - you will be impressed.

People love Apprenticeships and Traineeships, and it's not surprising why.

It's good for the learner, the employer, the community and pretty much anyone involved! It's the perfect way of earning money while gaining invaluable life skills, abilities and confidence.

Join the training revolution that has already seen millions of people to a better, brighter future.

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New surveys released by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills show nearly 8 out of 10 (78%) apprentices and 8 out of 10 (81%) businesses said they would recommend apprenticeships to friends or other employers. - See more here